Green Shopping Tips For The Holidays

Holiday gift giving has changed quite a bit over the last few years, people have less money to spend and consumers are much more aware of the impact their purchases have on both the environment and society. Let’s face it there are a heck of a lot of holidays to consider including Christmas, birthdays, secretary day, anniversaries, and Valentines. Gift giving doesn’t end there – when we are invited to a dinner, for instance, we often feel compelled to bring a long a gift.

The collective impact of these special days and events can be huge. Christmas alone is responsible for 25% more waste being sent to landfills. Halloween is actually responsible for more waste then Christmas. By recognizing the incredible waste that is generated, the urgency to do something becomes apparent. When purchasing gifts look for the most eco-friendly option available to you – such as whether it is made locally, uses recycled materials, the packaging is recyclable, the company uses solar or wind energy, etc….

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