Six Reasons Why Chinese Green Tea Is The Best

In Chinese green tea, knowledgeable buyers can find the finest in the world. Here is why:

Vast Geography

China is the third largest country in the world, with land area comparable to that of the United States of America. Green tea is grown in the Southern China, where the subtropical climate and fertile soil are ideal for growing tea.

The best Chinese green tea is usually found in regions of exceptional natural beauty, such as West Lake, Huang Shan or Er Mei Shan, where tea has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Many of these high quality green teas are naturally organic. There simply is no need to spray pesticides and fungicides.

Imperial History

Nothing shapes the long history of Chinese green tea as much as Gong Cha, or imperial tea. The development of Gong Cha was as tragic as it will ultimately be glorious.

When Gong Cha was introduced in the Tang Dynasty at around 700 A.D., stringent high standard was imposed. No longer just a medicinal tonic, Chinese green tea became an…

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