The Earth That Sustains Is Also the Earth That Cooks… Healthy Cooking in Earthenware Pots

The earth that sustains and nourishes also can cook the healthiest food! A fact that our ancestors were more aware than we are. It’s not a big surprise that our generation is struggling with so many health issues that don’t seem to find an end. Let’s see what difference cooking in pure earth can make to the food:

The difference in the purity of food:

Ever wondered why a person who eats healthy and follows a healthy lifestyle still faces health problems like common sickness, lack of immunity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and even cancer? The culprit is right in front of our eyes – the wrong cookware.

All metals are reactive and leach metal ions while cooking. These elements react to food’s nutrients and form toxic compounds. The glazes, the coating, the varnish only add to the problem! When we keep eating contaminated food, the toxins accumulate in the body and cause detrimental changes to cells, tissues and organs.

This is where earthenware pots can make a huge difference….

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