The Nature of Greek Yogurt

If you have ever wondered whether yogurt from Greece is truly healthier than other brands, then you’ve come to the right place. The differences go far beyond the fact that the Greek variety is merely thicker than plain yogurt in America – although many of its properties are a direct result (or progenitor) of this thickness.

By way of education, the thickness that Greek yogurt has over other brands comes from the fact that the excess milk whey is strained off. Using a special cloth, manufacturers extract the watery substance, which then gives the yogurt a thicker, fuller look and feel, with a wavy texture that belies the creamy taste.

It can be a little overwhelming to visit your local grocery store and see the aisles full of both Greek yogurt and Greek-styled yogurt, so this is the difference: Greek-styled yogurt is fake – it’s all a part of a marketing ploy to capitalize on the big bucks being made by real Greek yogurt suppliers like Fage, Chobani, Voskos and Oikos. Although the…

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