The Solution: Oil Solvents and Industrial Applications

Oil is used in everything from automobiles to airplanes to commercial launderers, to heavy industrial plants. And dealing with the residue it can leave requires the appropriate oil solvent. Oil solvents can be looked at as wrestlers, tackling oils, pinning them, and breaking them down. Oil surfactant are chemical compounds (petroleum and non-petroleum-based) used to break down petroleum, often found in oil and similar substances from floors, machine parts or metals. There are as many kinds of oil solvents as there are applications: from brake cleaning solvent, essential to brake pads functioning properly (without smoke, slippage, or burning), to those used to remove grease in clothing, to consumer laundry detergents (which often include oil solvents), to the solvents used to remove oil spots on auto shop floors or home garage floors. In addition to cleaning, oil surfactants are typically used to prep metal before it is painted. If you’ve seen a painted metal surface with blisters,…

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