What Does Your Cookware Say About The Health Of Your Food?

The health of your food is determined by a). its nutritional value, and b). the absence of metals and chemical toxins in it. Would you have ever thought your cookware plays a major part in both these aspects? Let’s see how the choice of cookware determines the health of your food:

1. The health of your food is determined by how pure or contaminated the food is

Conventional cookware made from metals, ceramics, glazes, and enamels are full of toxins that react to food while cooking and contaminates it. Lead, Arsenic, Nickel, Molybdenum, Cadmium and other metals & chemicals are commonly found in most cookware, which start accumulating in your body when you eat food cooked in them. Over time they start taking a toll on your body functions and compromise the immune system – this causes health problems ranging from minor illnesses to chronic diseases.

2. The health of your food is determined by how nutritious it is

You may choose your ingredients wisely but your cookware can destroy most of…

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