Your Mind Calibrates Visuals, Aromas, Flavors, and Texture of the Beer to Give Us Mouthfeel

Definitions of “mouthfeel” run the gambit, yet none do justice to an extraordinarily complex subject. UC Davis and other universities have researched mouthfeel, trying to quantify it with a numeric scale, with no success thus far. Craft beer consumers have used such descriptors as, a creamy feel in your mouth, an almost chewy texture, or a feeling that the beer has a thickness/coating feel that makes the flavor linger for a moment. In all examples, the start of mouthfeel is visual, aromas, taste, and viscosity.

Some years ago, I researched and wrote an article about the importance of mouthfeel in wine. I discovered that viscosity is not the only sensation that dictates great mouthfeel in beer, rather a potpourri of factors. However, viscosity in wine sent a subliminal message of a “quality” wine.

A cacophony of factors dictated mouthfeel of craft beer. Much of mouthfeel is dictated by a person’s accumulated experiences. However, awareness of aromas, visual presentation of a beer, and…

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