8Top Benefits Of Eating Ice Cream Sandwich

So what is a sandwich ice cream?

It is a frozen dessert made up of two skins and ice cream in between. It consists of crusts and an ice cream made from different ingredients. The ingredients chosen depend on the targeted consumers. An ice cream sandwich for Americans has the crust made of cookies and wafers. Other ingredients that may be used are eggs milk sugar and even vanilla. In Israel, it may consist of thick biscuits, chocolate flavored ice and vanilla. Here are the benefits of indulging in an ice-cream treat.

1. You can eat it in public

You can leak and eat it sandwich in public without brushing the authority the wrong way. In fact, you can eat as many times as you wish without having anyone looking at you. Also, you can eat as much as you want without hurting yourself either mentally or physically.

2. You can choose to sandwich it with anything you want

You are free to choose to sandwich the ice cream with peanut butter, double fudge or anything you want. Also, you have a…

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