Clay Pot Cooking – 10 Great-To-Know Tips

Considering clay pot cooking? Clearly you are one of those who cares for your health and wants to cook food in the healthiest way. Choosing healthy ingredients and following various tips for cooking healthy and nutritious food won’t do any good if you are not using the right cookware. Conventional metal and ceramic cookware leach and destroy nutrients in food leaving it contaminated and lacking nutritional value. Clay pot cooking is the most ancient but still the healthiest method of cooking all kinds of foods. Here are 10 tips to help you get started with cooking in an unglazed, all-natural clay pot:

1. Perfect for healthy eating: No matter what the manufacturers claim, no other cookware is a match to clay pot cooking. 100% natural clay is the only natural material free from any contaminants and preserves food’s nutrients while cooking. This makes it perfect for healthy cooking.

2. Has been there since ancient times: This method of cooking has been in existence for the longest time….

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