Dry Skin Rash – 5 Eczema Benefits of Chewing Your Food

One of the easiest ways to improve your health and thus begin to heal your eczema is to start chewing your foods more thoroughly. We are all busy people and we tend to eat on the go which means we are chopping and swallowing food without any thought to whether our food is being sufficiently broken down in our mouths.

However if you develop some patience and self-mastery you can totally change the way your food is digested which will result in healthier skin amongst other things. When you chew your food more of the nutrients will be absorbed by your system, which will lead to healthier skin.

When you chew your food you encourage nutrient assimilation and strengthened digestion.

One of the important aspects to remember about chewing is that when you chew your food thoroughly it is more completely and efficiently digested. When you chew carbohydrates for instance, the digestive enzyme ptyalin found in saliva begins to breakdown your food.

If food is swallowed without thorough chewing,…

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