Fast Food & Junk Food Effects

People are getting busier no matter how old you are and who you are. You can even see a 5 years old kid will have a schedule for tuition’s, leaning music instruments, swimming classes in some countries, while some adults will be drowning in their jobs to make ends meet. Connected to this matter, fast food restaurants will be exactly blissful in doing their business. People tend to settle their meals by consuming fast food to save time. Let’s us see some points that might make you draw back from fast food and junk food.

The first issue that we definitely cannot put it aside is obesity. A burger in fast food restaurant basically contains more than 1000Kj of calories, while that’s exceeding half of our body needs for a day! I won’t believe that you will just have a burger in you right hand without a cup of vanilla coke in your left hand. Where do you think these extra calories will go inside your body? They will change to become fats in your abdomen and that’s what you usually can see…

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