Good Food Good Health – For A Healthy Heart Drink Milk

For a healthy heart drinking a pint of milk a day can improve your hearts healthiness.

This really is good news for all of us and especially for my family, and myself as I have always loved dairy products and have never skimped on them.

I have only ever eaten and used butter mainly because there are generally no additives apart from salt, where as in many margarine or butter substitutes I do not actually know some of the listed additives and also the fact that I have never managed to find one that I liked the taste of.

For quite a while now dairy products have been labelled as bad for our health, but new studies by researchers show and claim the complete opposite. They say that dairy products actually help to protect our bodies against a wide variety of serious health conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes.

The study found that by having a regular consumption of dairy products, and this does not matter whether it is cheese, yoghurts or any type of milk,…

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