What Is The Difference Between Bee Pollen and Propolis?

One of the most popular natural supplements on the market is bee pollen. Propolis is another bee product that is also used by many people that believe in natural health products.

Let’s take a look at both of these substances so that you have a better understanding of what they are. Neither substances are actually made by bees, but they are somewhat manipulated by them.

Bee propolis is often called bee glue. It is a dark and sticky resin like substance that comes from the buds of some types of bark and trees. The bees, specifically honey bees will blend this resin with wax flakes that they secrete from specific glands on their abdomens.

Many health food experts believe that continuous usage of bee pollen or propolis can greatly improve the overall immune system. Many people who are regular users of these natural substances claim that they rarely get sick.

Bees use propolis to keep out intruders to their hives by putting the resin at the entrance to make it narrower and thus keep out…

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