You Have Type 2 Diabetes? Make Friends With Beans to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels!

Despite pharmaceutical companies and University scientists spending millions of dollars every year in cutting edge type 2 diabetes treatments, an old-school food surpasses them all: the lowly bean.

That’s right, a diet high in legumes is a must if you’re looking to reverse diabetes. While beans may not get the press reviews that new type 2 diabetes drugs receive, their ability to fight and help reverse diabetes rivals any drug.

Here’s why you should start including beans in your daily diet:

Stop Blood Sugar Spikes: Beans contain an incredible amount of soluble fiber… a nutrient that binds to the carbs in your meal. Because the soluble fiber grabs the carbs you just ate, your body has a harder time absorbing them. This means that your pancreas can handle the absorbed carbs with ease.

Drops Cholesterol: High cholesterol and diabetes are often found together. Fortunately, the same soluble fiber that keeps blood sugar levels in check also lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. When soluble fiber…

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