Organic Wheatgrass Powder: The Many Benefits of a Teaspoon of Wheatgrass Powder

How much organic wheatgrass do you really need?

One thing about taking a natural or organic health supplement, like wheatgrass, is the fact that there’s always a fair amount of confusion on the amount that should be ingested as well as the interval for the dosage. People who are in a very strict diet, are very keen in keeping schedules, especially in taking their nutritional supplements.

according to the website buy whole foods online uk, it is important that a person take at least a teaspoon of organic wheatgrass powder per day. Depending on a person’s nutritional requirement, a person can increase the dosage to up to two ounces, or around 6 teaspoons per day. A person should also mix the wheatgrass powder in a glass of water or juice, seasoned to taste. Regarding the interval, a person who is in a very strict weight loss or detoxification regimen may follow a three-time per day schedule – right before breakfast, lunch and dinner. While doing so, it is important to remember that the…

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