You Can Wil Your Health Battle – If You Want To

I recently found a 2003 press release from the Lewin Group titled “New Study Finds Increased Multivitamin Use By the Elderly Could Save Medicare $1.6 Billion”.

Excerpt from the release: “While the evidence strongly supports the beneficial effects of multivitamins in improved immune functioning and a reduction in the risk of heart disease, researchers also reviewed literature that examined the preventive benefits of multivitamin supplementation as it relates to colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis… “

Think about what that could mean, especially for those in a nursing home. I doubt that residents are routinely given a daily vitamin. I believe one reason COVID killed so many nursing home residents was poor nutrition status. Their nutrient-deficient immune system couldn’t handle the virus.

Remember, this was published in 2003, and little has changed since then. The American people are still eating primarily a nutritionally bankrupt fast food, out-of-a-box diet….

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