Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is not under any pressure

The 2022/23 campaign is right around the corner. As Chelsea prepares to take on Udinese in its final preparation match ahead of kickoff at Goodison Park in early August, there has been a lot of talk about previous preseason results across social media. It goes without saying that the Blues are not having the preseason that many believed they would have after last year. Rather than entering this new era at Chelsea Football Club with optimism, the team has seemingly carried over much of its sluggish form from the end of the previous campaign.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all too surprising considering that the new regime has proven as incompetent as the last when it comes to moving on from undesirable individuals. Todd Boehly and Co. have a steep hill to climb if they want to put together a top four challenging squad in a month’s time. If they don’t start to move the deadwood out of the team and replace them with signings of the German manager’s liking, it could be a long season. All of this has led to a group of fans coupling a pair of poor preseason performances with the recruiting woes and somehow coming to the conclusion that manager Thomas Tuchel is on the hot seat. These fans could not be further disconnected from reality ahead of the upcoming season.

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is not under pressure as the season kicks off

In all honesty, Chelsea is lucky to have Tuchel—not the other way around. The club has put its manager through a lot over the last six months. This is especially true when one thinks about the fact that the 48-year-old became a de facto spokesperson for the Blues when posed with questions about the politics surrounding the takeover for months on end. Tuchel has handled every bump in the road with grace throughout his time in west London.

That truth in and of itself is enough to show that Tuchel is the right man to lead Chelsea into this new era. Furthermore, his results on the pitch have been even more exceptional than his conduct off it. No, the Blues haven’t competed for Premier League titles alongside Liverpool and Manchester City, but who realistically expected that out of Chelsea after everything the club has gone through over the last year? The aforementioned duo has had the better part of the last decade to build up their respective squads, whereas Tuchel had made just one real signing (free transfer of a third-choice goalkeeper and loans don’t really count) during his tenure.

The Blues’ gaffer has excelled in his current role though, even though the odds have been stacked against him. He managed to capture three international trophies (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Club, FIFA Club World Cup) in 18 months. He’s also made six finals and missed out on two domestic trophies because of a few penalties. In the league, Chelsea has finished fourth and third under Tuchel. Yet, some supporters still want to put him under the microscope and call for his job because of a preseason defeat and a couple of lost opportunities in the transfer market.

To those individuals I ask this question: honestly, do you hear yourselves?

Tuchel has proven time and time again that he deserves the backing of the new owners. He’s the one who can successfully break the chain that got the Blues into this mess in the first place. There will be unavoidable growing pains during the upcoming campaign; those come with any large scale squad overhaul. The team may not compete at the level supporters are used to either. Regardless, that’s no reason to get on your knees and beg for changes at the top once again.

Tuchel is one of the finest managers in the Premier League. Chelsea would be foolish to sack him before letting him build a squad capable of competing with the giants of the English top flight. He’s the man that can take the Blues to the very top. If you’re still questioning that after all of the recent success, you obviously haven’t been watching Chelsea play over the last 18 months.

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