Eden Hazard has a golden chance to turn things around

Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Celta Vigo was a great motivation for Eden Hazard, who has seen nothing but hardship and agony in his three years with the Spanish club. The Belgian player was involved in all three goals scored that day and might be argued to be the game’s best player after Toni Kroos.

Hazard’s fortune has not been kind to him during his three seasons at Real Madrid. To play for Real Madrid was his dream move, and to see that dream shattered would be heartbreaking. Despite this, Hazard has attempted to help the squad in any way he can, and it is clear that the player is a positive presence in the locker room and maintains healthy relationships with all the players.

However, from a sports point of view, his contribution has been insufficient. Hazard did not play his first El Clasico until a few months ago, despite joining Real Madrid in 2019. His contributions to the team thus far can be tallied on hands, but that cannot be said of his pay, which is among the highest in the team.

The Celtic game, on the other hand, provided a ray of hope that the 31-year-old may finally be on the road to redefining his Real Madrid career. And, unlike in the past, the odds may finally be in the Belgian’s favor. The question of whether Eden Hazard is finally back arises in light of this.

This could be Eden Hazard’s final opportunity to prove his worth to Real Madrid

Since having the ankle plate removed, Hazard has rarely been out for an extended period of time due to any injury. His fitness levels have also been exceptional, and demonstrations of his performance in team trainings were a common sight on media channels. The only question that remained was when Eden Hazard would finally be spotted on the field!

During last season’s Champions League celebrations, the player personally reassured all Madridistas that starting this season, they will witness the best version of him for whom they have been waiting for years.

And, as the saying goes, “every upset is an opportunity,” Eden Hazard may have discovered a way for himself

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema was forced to leave the field due to an injury during the game against Celtic, in which Hazard came on as a substitute and performed admirably. Following testing on Benzema, it was determined that the player will be absent for at least 7 to 10 days, ruling him out of Real Madrid’s upcoming matches against Mallorca and RB Leipzig.

This very disappointing development may provide joy to Hazard, who will likely step in to fill Benzema’s shoes and is expected to play one or even both games as a false nine or a striker. It was clear that Carlo Ancelotti thought highly of Hazard but had been unable to find a spot for the Belgian up to this point.

The player may have the greatest opportunity to establish his worth to the manager and, more significantly, the supporters, who are divided on whether he will be able to return to his former form at Real or not, and this might be the time Hazard turns the tide to his advantage.

Except for Mariano Diaz, who is as effective in his absence as he is in his presence, Real Madrid lacks a natural striker for the matches against Mallorca and RB Leipzig. This may be Eden Hazard’s last shot to rectify the blunder at this club and demonstrate why they paid the price they did for him and why the supporters had faith in him.

Real Madrid fans have almost begged the club’s management to bring in a backup striker, and if Hazard performs well in these games, he might quickly turn from a curse to a blessing. Everything now rests solely on his shoulders.

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