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Kildare senior football manager Glenn Ryan discusses his resignation harrowing Leinster final defeat to Dublin. The Lilywhites boss was adamant that the 14-point margin is not reflective of his side’s standing.

Last Updated: 30/05/22 10:33 am

Glenn Ryan consoles Jimmy Hyland at full-time

Glenn Ryan consoles Jimmy Hyland at full-time

Kildare came to Croke Park on Saturday armed with hope that they could claim their first Leinster title in 22 years.

Their dreams were dashed in the first-half, as Dublin fired five goals past Mark Donnellan in a devastating onslaught.

But manager Glenn Ryan insisted that the 5-17 to 1-15 final score is not reflective of the Liywhites’ standing.

“We were playing this game because you love playing Gaelic football. On days like this, you do not necessarily hate it, but you hate what comes along with it. But we have an opportunity to redeem today, and that important because I don ‘t believe what we saw in the first 35 minutes or indeed throughout the game is representative of this group of players, “he reflected.

“They have an opportunity to show people that today was a big bump in the road, and whether we’re going to learn from it. And I’m sure these lads will.

“No different to any other game, we’ve to look at it to see where we can improve and look at what we can get better at.”

Dublin's first-half goal rush killed off Kildare's challenge

Dublin’s first-half goal rush killed off Kildare’s challenge

‘A chastening experience’

Kildare were left reeling by the body-blow of Ciarán Kilkenny’s goal in the fifth minute, and from there Dublin kept rolling with the punches.

“Obviously we weren’t expecting to be in that position that we found ourselves in,” Ryan noted.

“We would have been disappointed obviously with the manner of concession of those goals, and how they came about. We’d liked to go back and have a look at that first 35 or even 10 minutes, just to see maybe where we didn ‘t put in place what we wanted to get in place.And when you do not that, Dublin are very clinical.And they were very clinical.

“You expect Dublin to be at the level and pitch that they set themselves, and the bar that they set themselves for the last number of years.

“What was disappointing was how we coped with it. When they got the opportunities, they were very clinical and took them all very well.

“We were hoping that we might maybe get a start, and give ourselves something to go after and fight for. It was a chastening experience. It certainly wasn’t part of the plan anyway.”

Ryan and Co must rebuild for the qualifiers

Ryan and Co must rebuild for the qualifiers

And Ryan was in no mood to claim plaudits about winning the second-half.

“I’m not going to be throwing out those kind of statements,” he said when asked.

“You go out in the second half, we had a chat amongst ourselves as to what we wanted to get out of the second-half, and we probably to a degree improved on things but it’s in no way any consolation for the overall outcome in the game. “

And there are positives to take into the qualifiers in two weeks’ time.

“I would say everybody in the second half put in a hugely brave performance. It was brave to be able to go out on that pitch in the second half,” Ryan outlined.

“It was manly to be able to go out and play to the level they did.

“A lot of players had improved in the second half, but we look at these things from a team perspective. And overall, we’re disappointed with our team effort. But happy with the bravery and honesty they showed in the second half.”

And he refused to be drawn on whether Dublin had superior conditioning than his side.

“I do not know whether there’s a strength and conditioning gap, or an athleticism gap. There was a gap in the outcome today, and I do not believe that is reflective of this team,” he stated.

“A lot of people were saying lads were very well conditioned, and we were happy with the work we got done over the last number of months. We look at the good work that we did, and look to build on it and make it better .And if there’s any deficiencies in any part of our game, we’ll try to improve them. “


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